Jessica Turtle


Jessica is a quiet, highly sarcastic and observant person. She loves to watch people, to generate a supposition or hypothetical explanation of who people are, how they live, and what they love, if they love. She wholeheartedly lives for preparing and sharing food, and spending time outside with her dog, Charles. She also readily admits to working way too much and to being extremely stubborn.

As an artist, she is constantly recording details, textures, colors, moods, and random bits of conversation. She has an attraction to those who are gingerly misfit, and illustrates them as such. She is also particularly fascinated by human reaction and interaction. She pays great attention to trend waves, widespread consciousness and ever changing patterns of behavior.

Jessica's newest work can be found on display at the AZ Gallery in the Lowertown neighborhood - 309 Prince Street, Saint Paul, MN.

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